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We Know the Non-Profit World

Many marketing and PR firms claim to serve the nonprofit industry, but they do not often truly understand the special needs of non-profits. Through LKS Associates and our predecessor, Wordsmith Communications, we have many years of experience working in the nonprofit world.

We can work with Boards of Trustees and staffs as part of an effective team, whether it is for a special event or a long-term marketing effort. We have been on both sides of the fence, serving on boards of non-profit organizations from private schools to performing arts organizations, and managing PR and marketing for startup museums and long-running jazz festivals.

Some of the many non-profits we have worked with over the years include the New Jersey Hall of Fame, the Community Theatre at the Mayo Performing Arts Center, MCJ Foundation, Blair Academy, Carolyn Dorfman Dance Company, New Jersey Jazz Society, the New Philharmonic of New Jersey and the Hunterdon Museum of Art.

We were a key part of the creation of the New Jersey State Council on the Art's Discover Jersey Arts Campaign, and we helped the Community Theatre at MPAC raise more than $10 million during its initial capital campaign. Most recently we helped launch the New Jersey Hall of Fame and raise more the $400,000 for their successful Mobile Museum capital campaign.

We run PR campaigns and designed logos. We have created season brochures and produced concerts. We have designed websites and created eNewsletters.

Like most people in the non-profit world, we have worn many hats and have done what needs to be done to reach the goals. If your organization has important objectives but limited staff, give us a call. We can help.